First Things First.

We, the snowflake millennials, gen xyz-ers, and tweeters have been brought up in a world in which our cell phones have a control over our happiness and our machines know what kind of laundry detergent we like. We have been bombarded with sponsored Instagram ads with this belief that a double tap can applaud shit skill and imagination of others to sell us:
Dog socks, beer, blue light-blocker glasses, video recording apps, fit teas, yoga pants, logo design websites, vip club passes, and a bunch of stupid shit we don’t need but we buy anyway...
So much time and storage space is wasted on these trivial purposes, which contributes little or nothing to our dying animals species, polluted oceans, and over-crowded city streets.
We as designers are the silent soldiers who sit behind the screens and do as we are told. We hear “Put that there” and “Make this bigger” as we kern and led all day long. But as our eyes get worse and our data storage becomes more and more full, we are slowly starting to grow our voice. We have the power to make people buy shit, like shit, share shit, and even care about shit. We are agents of change & beauty, information & balance, and we can make a shit logo look like a work of art. 
We do not advocate the Fiver designers or the Wix Wizards. We do not use Microsoft paint or doodle on a computer. We are the leaders of the new Artistic Renaissance where our influence is seen on every phone and tablet in the world. We as designers will create to piss-off the right people. We will create to change the minds of others. We will create to bring life and attention in a society fighting for it all.
As a designer, I promise to stand above all the shit in the world. I promise to design with empathy. I promise to design with respect. I promise to design with good intention and to be confident at all times.